Mahi Mayhem 2018 Rules & Regulations

  1. To be eligible for the Tournament; each boat captain must complete a registration form and pay the entrance fee on or before Friday, 2nd of March 2018 by 7:00 p.m. at Nanny Cay at the registration centre.
  2. The registration/entry fee is $600.00 per boat. There is a $60.00 fishing license fee (local fishermen) without a BVI commercial fishing license and $110.00 fee for foreign fishermen. There is a maximum of (7) rods. This fee includes a registration packet including:
  • 2 shirts per vessel
  • A case of water per vessel
  • Welcome Cocktails on Friday at Nanny Cay Beach Bar
  • Continental Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday at 4 am on A dock
  • Lunch on Sunday at Nanny Cay Beach Bar (beverages are not included)
  1. Rods and Reels only - no electric reels
  2. No live bait
  3. No mutilated fish
  4. The maximum line test to be fished is 80 pounds. Wire lines and hand lines are not permitted only dead baits and artificial baits are allowed.
  5. Chumming with dead bait allowed
  6. Boats will be inspected each morning by judges before departure at 5 a.m.
  7. The Tournament Committee has the right to inspect the fishing gear of each participating boat.
  8. Each person on board must be registered
  9. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to place an official observer on each and every participating boat on each of the fishing days of the Tournament. The Tournament Committee expects that captain of each boat to treat the observer as a special guest.
  10. All participating boats must have adequate safety equipment on board and must comply with the Regulations for Safety and Equipment on vessels valid in their country of registry.
  11. All boats must leave from Nanny Cay at 5am with a Bimini Start Sunday Morning
  12. The fishing times will be as follows:


Saturday, 3rd of March 2018

4:00 a.m.: Inspection of vessels.

5:00 a.m.: Fishermen leave dock

6:00 a.m.: Lines In  

4:00 p.m.: Lines Out

5:00 p.m.: Weigh In

6.00 p.m.: Weigh Master’s absolute Dead Line


Sunday 4th March 2018

4:00 a.m.: Continental Breakfast will be provided.

Inspection of vessels.

5:00 a.m.: Fishermen leave dock

6:00 a.m.: Lines In  

3:00 p.m.: Lines Out

4:00 p.m.: Weigh In

5.00 p.m.: Weigh Master’s absolute Dead Line

  1. Weigh In time must be adhered to. There will be a (30) minute grace period under special circumstances agreed by the tournament controller.
  2. All anglers must be present at Weigh Ins
  3. All monetary prizes will be made payable in the name of the boat captain or the person named by the Captain of the Boat.
  4. Protests must be filed in writing by the captain of the boat within one hour after return time and will be entertained by the Tournament Committee. There will be a protest fee of $200.00
  5. The payment of $200.00 is non-refundable once protest is rejected by the Tournament Committee.
  6. All fish caught in The Tournament must be caught by Tournament registered boats only.
  7. A portion of fish caught must be donated to the host of the Tournament. This helps to prepare your lunch.
  8. It is expressly understood that all those participating in The Tournament do so at their own risk. By registering as a participant in the Tournament, the participants hold harmless the Tournament Organizers, the Sponsors, Donors and all persons or organizations connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the Tournament:  From any liability for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participants, entrant, sport fisherman, their companions, boat captains, crew members, family, vessels and equipment which occur during or in conjunction with The Mahi Mayhem Tournament.
  9. It is intended that The Tournament be enjoyable, in good fellowship, and that all have a great time. All fishing conduct, protests and rulings are to be within the intentions and spirit of The Tournament. Unacceptable conduct ashore or at sea, unfounded protests, etc., will be strongly considered as grounds for exclusions from future Tournament events.
  10. The Tournament is held within the spirit of the IFGA rules but is not subject to IGFA Rules. However, in the event of any dispute the decision of the Tournament Committee is final.
  11. The fishing areas for The Tournament are with-in BVI waters Sea Mount, North Drop, South Drop, The Wreck, North of Anegada, Deep South and up to the second Sea Mount. A Map will be provided to all teams.  Vessels going outside of the boundaries will be disqualified for that day without a refund.  GPS TRACKING should be utilized on each fishing vessel. 
  12. Participants are encouraged to uphold conservation efforts.
  13. Hand offs are allowed but once a person starts to fight the fish no one else may touch the rod or line before the clip


Tournament Committee & Rules Judges

Ken Pemberton 284 543 5002
Matthew Johnston 284 346 9559
Jessica Leigeard 284 343 3092

Radio Channel tbc at captains briefing



Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries

  • c-Seven
  • BVI Tourist Board
  • Conservation & Fisheries Department
  • Nanny Cay
  • BVI Sport Fishing Association