Is Sustainable Aquaculture Possible on a Global Scale?

Date: August 23, 2017 Author: csfbvi2 Categories: Latest News

It’s no secret that aquaculture has become a buzzword in the food sector. If you haven’t heard about it through CSF, chances are you’ve been made aware of it somehow. As the demand for seafood continues to grow (and quickly, too!) alongside a booming population, maintaining a sustainable food production method is paramount.

Right now, there are only a few countries that are producing mass amounts of farmed fish, but a recent study suggests that there is potential for almost all coastal countries to host fish farms that will help to meet their local seafood needs – and the good news is, it will only take up a small amount of ocean space! At CSF, we call that a win-win.

According to the study, “the development potential far exceeds the space required to meet foreseeable seafood demand; indeed, the current total landings of all wild-capture fisheries could be produced using less than 0.015% of the global ocean area.”

As you can see, ocean space won’t be a roadblock when it comes to aquaculture on a global scale but, issues can arise when considering the level of sustainability required to make sure there’s no major impact on the environment. Each country has its own set of economic policies and regulations, and some places are currently better suited for aquaculture than others. The good news is that the potential is there, and this is something that can continue to be explored.

Investing the time and research to develop best practices for fish farming could benefit underutilized coastline countries significantly. Not only could this result in greater food security, but it can also support local demands for seafood and likely boost the economy. This is a great incentive to support the development of sustainable practices!

Although we have a way to go in terms of developing a method that ensures world wide sustainable aquaculture, this is a positive first step – and that’s something worth celebrating.

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