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Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries (CSF) is a ground-breaking new approach to farming lobsters on land. As one of the first of its kind, our innovative business venture is changing sustainable lobster farming for the better.

It’s more than a lobster farm – it’s a way of life. We take a stand for sustainability and work to protect lobster stocks, enrich our community, and empower a sustainable way of life.

See the farm in operation and listen to our chairman talk about our plans for the future and our philosophies.

Our business model is biologically neutral, sustainable, and successful. It can also be replicated and reproduced around the world.

CSF adopted an algorithmic approach to testing all the growth stages of panulirus argus, the Caribbean Spiny Lobster.

After extensive trials and cultivation, we’ve developed a sustainable grow-out system to farm lobsters on land with
almost zero impact on the environment.

It has been our mission to change how people’s perception of aquaculture.

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At Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries, our sustainable practices are based on years of lobster research.

We take baby lobsters, that have a naturally high mortality rate in the wild, and grow them on land.

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Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries.
We are sustainable, scalable, and successful.

This is more than a business, this is a way of life that encompasses people, planet and profit.

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Caribbean Lobsters

If you’ve ever eaten lobster at a high-end restaurant in New York City or San Francisco, chances are, you’ve eaten a Caribbean Spiny Lobster.

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